Notebooks and More Notebooks

I own about 20 plus notebooks at any given time. And as much as i LOVE online organizational tools like Basecamp, Workflowy,  and Google apps. There is something to be said for my love of pens and paper.

I doodle. I make lists. I leave myself notes. I journal. And I even communicate with my partner in good old fashioned handwriting. We work opposite schedules most of the time and text messaging  and emojis seem too impersonal, especially for the person I love. Things become real when you write them down just as photos living on your phone or computer become real when you make prints. I leave notes in my kid’s lunches, I doodle on the whiteboard on our fridge…..tangible, real, words and pictures that can be touched!

If you have ever found yourself stuck with writers block….chances are you aren’t even writing…’re staring at a screen. That screen acts as a wall, not a blank canvas…..i mean it is literally there, parallel to your face, staring back at you with its blueish tinged light glaring into your eyeballs.

CLOSE THE SCREEN!! Write, draw, use pens and pencils and invest into owning more than one of the one that you love the most.

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